This work “behind the back” will be composed of the pictures of billboards on the routes in Ko Phuket taken from behind. It was the commercial advertisements seen frequently in the island that was impressive to me while I was staying. I went on taking pictures going around by motorcycle and on foot with the help of a map to see the flip side of those advertisements. Going deeper into the bush and pathways, what emerged from the whole landscape opened up was different from the image of the “right face” as a resort of Ko Phuket. It was another aspect of Phuket alive real and powerful behind it and scenery from the residence or viewpoint of people living in Phuket. This work will be produced focusing on taking such images on the flip side of information.
(2006/12/28 Phuket, Thai)


For me, Shooting Photographs is a sort of pending something visible and invisible that I have contacted. After a while, I think about it with relax, or I sometimes have no time to do so, shelve them all, or could not find them again. But Everytime I press the shutter, I decide this scene has some values for me in frames or moments. I took few photographs of in front of billboards, even though it’s ordinary way. I said that those advertisements are for sightseers, but now we can see Thai characters in them, so we couldn’t see it as I said. Now I remember when I stay in phuket, The right side of billboard is not attractive for me. To be pricise, I am not the person that needs some kinds of advertisement like them. The existance quite far from cost and meanings of product and services which the billboards suggested. Neither sightseers visiting phuket nor people live there, as a bewilder, I landed on the funny island, I felt and feel naked structures and tin connected faces on the back side much nicer than bright something and decorations on the right side.
(2007/05/14 Ogaki, Japan)