“Crawl” is a experimental video consited of digital still images shaped around some simple rules. Most basic one is that: while walking, take one photograph per ten steps with Digital still camera.One day, I have kept shooting photographs from sunrise to sunset, complying with rules.During shooting photographs for ‘crawl’(that is previous work), I felt an electric flow.After a while, I decide next motif as a river. It is huge and has a natural flow of water running.Complying with some rules alchemize usual day into extraordinary one.Then the video becomes the trace of the gaze of the photographer it self.
While shooting, Gun Mic was attached on the top of the camera for recording the sound of the frames. That is inspired from the Etienne-Jules Marey’s chronophotographic gun.


*Photographing rules

  1. Move along river between dawn and dusk filming with a digital still camera from sunrise to sunset.
  2. After every ten steps, photograph the river and the bridges.
  3. Constantly record the soundscape with an IC recorder while moving.
*Editing rules
  1. Select photographs from the recorded photographs.
  2. Divide selected and unselected photographs by frames and arrange in the order they were taken.
  3. Arrange the recorded soundscape to match the photographs.


  • SKIP City Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza Visual Museum
  • Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
  • IAMAS HD Contents Making Project