Ever since the inception of photography in 1926 by Talbot, photographs have in general been created through the accumulation of silver halide salts on film or developing paper media. With the spread of the digital camera in recent years, the medium of the image is changing from collection of silver salt particles to digitized pixels. Meanwhile video is achieving higher resolution in the shift from SD to HD, and within the trends of these two photographic expressions, I want to search for possibilities in expression intermediary between video and photography.
In this work, I consider the darkroom itself as symbolic equipment / place where images arise. Considering we are at the point where as I stated before, the medium of photography is shifting from silver salts to digital, it is self-evident that socially, the functions of the darkroom are being replaced by computer monitor, and silver halide photography is inevitably becoming a traditional craft. In this current situation, the fact that all the photography and editing work is performed in the darkroom has very important meaning in addition to me working mainly with photography as my expression.


Video/HDV/Stereo/16:9/Color/9.5min/ 2007.02.