About "ndl", and "platr"

‘“ndl” (pronunciation: needle) is the first program platr served on “platr,” which is a unique kind of artist-in-residence program featuring diaries of artists.ndl has got certified as a project commemorating 120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailandland Diplomatic Relation 2007.
platr (phuket life access tracking) is an art project in Phuket in Thailandland, which was started in 2006 and has been run aiming to create different experiences in the wake of contemporary art and culture in the community.

Conception my "ndl"

While staying in Phuket I have kept writing diary. But a lot of things happened and I often forget the situations and its detail. Time passes quickly, so I decided that I have carry IC Recorder around in Phuket, and when my rader catches something, I record my voice memo and sound from around.
At the end of each day, I heard those recordings and reminded some feelings.Then I start to put my pen down on the paper.