Processing Photography Blink Series(PPBS) were created for an attempt to make a new linkage between gaze and photographs ,and line of sight and images. This pieces are programmed and can be worked on OSX + Max/MSP, Jitter. It analyses viewers behavior, especially blinks. For example, Detecting blinks as a trigger, the computer displays next images. PPBS has several variations. Neither mouse and keyboard, PPBS enable eyes to connect photographs directly and that what I want to show a new form of photography appreciation.

Processing Photography

Processing Photography is the packaged digital photos including appreciation forms. To say concretely, analysing the behavior of viewers from digital video cameras as the input devices, getting results and applying them to the appreciation time. Capturing the way things to watch, the Processing Photography aims the subjects and inherent dynamism to express directly to viewers. And about the motif and the way to show on dispaly, to select the specifications of digital devices as a display unit, it proposes new digital photography expression which has differences from print and film photography.The Processing Photography is photography and digital image analysis and display program, they are all integrated to the total package type of work. And in the future, development of packaged applications on Web server. Thus, the Processing Photography is supposed to see in museums and Public places such as exhibits, rather than on a daily basis to deal with personal laptop computer viewing room lighting and general environment under the assumption that the appreciation in the production.


“ver. Crawl 02”, from sunrise to sunset, dating back to the river downstream from the upper reaches a certain distance so that every move and taking a group photo, covering a total of about 3,000 photos to be taken . This version is a lot of these digital photos taken by zapping it intended to watch it. “Strobo” offers the viewer a moment to try to close the eye, flash photos are displayed only slight disappear. This work is displayed on the display of photographs of the statue, not a moment in one’s brain and eyes disappear afterimage presented to the viewer. “Camera Eye”, to appear in the video viewer watched the continued synthesize time, one still generates a film, the camera eye to the creation of experience.